The Cargo Superintendent represents our client's interests, from the field and on-board vessels, by coordinating with all parties to ensure accuracy, quality and efficient operations, in the transfer and blending of petroleum cargo.  You will utilise your leadership, coordination and problem solving skills to provide the highest level of performance, professionalism and proactive customer service.

We are currently recruiting Mariners with STS experience.


  • Establish yourself as the primary contact with relevant parties for each assigned vessel, track vessel movement and manage your schedule to attend and participate in Key Meetings and loading / discharge operations.
  • Prepare detailed Cargo Loading/Discharge Plans to achieve client’s objectives, compliant with terminal’s requirements.  Communicate with all parties to insure that the plan is understood, agreed upon and then adhered to.
  • Prepare Cargo Distribution Plans to achieve client’s objectives, compliant with vessel’s requirements.  Ensure Chief Officer understands the plan and his responsibilities during its execution
  • Independently calculate shore tank, barge & vessel stops.  Coordinate with vessel Chief Officer, terminal staff and inspectors to ensure consensus and a coordinated effort.
  • Verify line displacements, and gauging of vessel, shore and barge tanks.
  • Proactively monitor loading operations to ensure accuracy in regard to quantity, quality and efficient operations.
  • Track and record actual loading operations, then as needed, revise future plans and communicate to all parties.
  • Present a detailed explanation of circumstances, then implement / propose well thought out solutions in the event of unexpected results.
  • Exercise sound, independent judgment as circumstances in the field dictate. Maintain regular communication with the Office and Clients regarding job status, problems, concerns, etc.
  • Accurately complete all required reports, forms and updates in a timely manner




  • Prior Experience:  Master or Chief Officer of an Oil / Chemical Tanker Vessel, or Petroleum Loss Control Representative, or Petroleum Inspector/Surveyor, or Terminal Operator.
  • Flexibility for last-minute changes. 
  • Willing to travel globally. 
  • Good written and verbal communication. Fluent English. Able to effectively communicate with non-native English speaking vessel crews. Skilled at preparing professional, informative and helpful, yet concise emails.
  • Excellent analysis and problem solving skills to assess complex variables, identify source causes and offer solutions.
  • Exceptional attention to detail, accuracy and timeliness.
  • Proven ability to manage your time, tasks and organization to continuously be operating from a proactive stance
  • Computer Proficiency: email, internet, file operations, Excel, Word, smart phones, tablets, etc. Apple OS X a plus