European Marine Consultants Ltd were established in 1987 and have in the past twenty nine years developed close professional relationships with a number of Major Oil Companies, Oil Trading Companies and Ship Operators worldwide, representing them as cargo superintendents during custody transfer operations, where we specialise in all aspects of oil loss control, cargo quality, terminal operations and vessel expediting.

Our staff of forty five marine surveyors and consultants each have extensive marine surveying backgrounds, eight hold UK Class I Master Licenses, two hold US Masters Unlimited Licenses, the others have shore based petroleum backgrounds from experience throughout the world including, inspection, management, petroleum chemist and terminal operations.

The services provided by the company have proved beneficial to clients, improving outturns regularly by as much as 0.20% across the full range of cargoes, reducing or totally eradicating claims relating to charter party performance, outturn shortages, quality disputes, tank cleaning, vessels acceptance and incidents of contamination. In addition through our continual twenty four hour on site attendance we have ensured that clients are kept fully appraised of all aspects of the situation thereby enabling them to be pro-active in addressing potential problems. The ultimate intention is to increase client's voyage and contract revenues whilst dramatically reducing the potential for claims.

Approval for our services has been granted by four of the worlds major oil companies and a number of leading underwriters to represent clients based on our results from in excess of 40 billion barrels of oil custody transfer supervision.

Permanent Representation

European Marine Consultants are willing to operate wherever our clients require our services. We currently have permanent representation in the following locations.